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You've got fetus on your breathe. [Feb. 20th, 2005|12:59 pm]
[Current Mood |how the hell should i know]
[Current Music |PIL- flowers of romance.]

Well hellooo.
havent wrote in this thing for a while. wonder why i even have this stupid thing. uhhhh...*yawn* so i have strep again, which sucks,i got stronger drugs from the hospital, so hopefully it will go away, and stay away.
im getting singing lessons soon, when my strep is gone, then im getting some drums! which i am so happy about! me Al and Kayla are starting a band i hope! which will be awesome cuz we are all dedicated and shit so it shuold be good i hope. just gotta learn how to play the drums and sing at the same time, woo. im slowly learning the guitar, hope i can get good.
also moving downstairs, painting the walls black and red and getting a checkered floor; black and white, of couse! it will be sweet.
ever noticed how socitey is fucked over. i dont know if the music scene right now can get any woorse, people are so fucked, i hope we all burn.
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a post to a different journal on my journal. [Feb. 3rd, 2005|01:43 pm]
[Current Mood |sicksick]
[Current Music |anything i want, geez]

well this was going to be a reply to your one of your posts on your thing jamie, but i figure, why put it on yours when i can put it on mine. my journal that is. dont use your sick mind...but any way...i dont think ive been through much more pain. strep throat blows. but i can thank the lord of the lambs aka fuckin piper for that. but hes still living, for the time being....
um yea, cky is sweet, everything cky is sweet. you know what isnt? waiting in the hostpital for 6 hours then have a doctor named whynot, take 5 seconds to check you, tell you that you dont have step throat when clearly i do, and not tell me anything. but what do you think abuot cky bags? personally, i never let any one even smell mine. i would definatly marry a guy with the last name shit. but any way, its really boaring here. i made a list of things to do today...do you know the number for china? or the number for 911? thanks james. from kylie
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baileys. [Jan. 28th, 2005|06:13 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |zero(in head)]

so any way, i havent wrote in this peice of shit, waste of time thing sice forever, and frankly i dont care. any way...im really tired right now and am really concidering about taking a nap instead of doing this. but any way. go go little ceasers, i really think that place is starting to become the shiznat. but yea any way, last night me dill hole aka justin lol,jk heart, were hanging out with dana nick, and this ryan kid with cool hair. haha. it was fun, better than going to class. i just have to say, go go being 19. woo. but ya, it was fun, except when justin through the baileys ooutta of the car iw as like uhhh...fuck that! but we found it today. lol. along with going to adelaide. and seeing all the teachers and kids i knew. saw mrs ewalds, only the coolest janitor ever and allen, go go adelaide. it was fun. all the little kids like jumped on justin. haha. and now im sitting here playing zero over and over in my head waiting for justin to get off work. but blah, i cant take this thing any more. im gunna go listen to some dfa, woo woo, aka heart.
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b-mal [Jan. 20th, 2005|09:47 pm]
[Current Mood |highhigh]
[Current Music |Little by Little- Oasis]

i heart porta pottys.
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flaming llamas aka bananna slugs [Jan. 19th, 2005|11:12 am]
[Current Mood |happyhappy,but i want those records]
[Current Music |daydream believer]

wow. SCHOOL IS CANCELLED! can i get a WOO WOO?!

yea, any ways i managed to go back to sleep even after i had a shower and got all awake. and i had the coolest dreams. i always like my dreams cuz they are so realistic. everything has every little detail. i learn and hear things i never have before. and most of the time when i jump i can always fly, or like float. so right now i feel as though i can. haha. well in my dream i had 2 houses. this one, and an apartment-type-house thing. and it was sweet cuz i rember everything in it. it was actually really harry potter like, the posters like moved...like a movie, it was so cool. all the furnature was there when we got there. and in my room, its hard to explin, but i opened this drawer and i could press a button and it would be like all these signs with like a cheezy picture on it saying what type of clothes it was, every brand was in there, everything, there were a lotta lamb ones! ahha it was awesome. there were like things in every drawer and food in the cupbored, it was just so sweet. a lotta other friggen awesome stuff happened but ill leave it at that i like my dreams better than reality. cuz i can like create it, have whatever i want, and its so close to realty, only everything is so much fun, well most of the time. i love it. except when i have nightmares, and their so real i wake up and im like scared. that sucks, also i get reality and my dreams mixed up a lot.

but any way enough about my dreams.i need a job!!! and a record player, cuz i have all theses records but nothing to play them on. my mom had so many records, but when we moved over here they got destroyed. and i wanan cry cuz it was like; all the beatles albumns, all the monkeys, pink floyd, the doors, everything....!
awe, it sucks so funin bad!
but any way i think im gunna go destroy something or go throw something burning out my window, ahha kayla. beybye.
love, kylie.

"hey banana slug! turn into a dog, your ugly!"-kait.
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Sitting on a Cornflake.... [Jan. 10th, 2005|09:02 am]
[Current Mood |sicksick]
[Current Music |red hot chilli peppers-otherside]

well if your looking at the time you'll notice that its a school day. thats right, im sick, go me. blah, it sucks. i have that whole cold/cough/gaging thing. and it sucks cuz i wanted to hang out with some people after school! arhh..blah.

so right now im just watching pop up wideo and its really random music. it was like red hot chilli pepppers(<3) then it was like men without hats, you know that one video they made with all the little midgets dancing around..haha. okay, eff this, im turning on some billy talent....pfew, thats better.

ahha so any way...this weekend was more eventval then last weekend, because i sat on my ass last weekend lol. so any way satrday me and justin aka matt were looking for some green. ALL DAY!!! what the eff, we were so desperate, lol. we phoned everone, and finally i saved the day aka dana. woot. so we hung out with james took us like 5 hours before we actually got to london, then it took us 5 hours before even got started on doign anything, it was wack. but we saw meet the fockers and we went to wendys. woot, go wendys! its sad cuz the mall closes at 9, and thats when we go there, so all the stores were closed :(. god damment i wanted to go to san diego. woot,i heart that store. ahha, then i slept at james and had to wake up and effin 8.00. shes like "KYLIE, KYLIE, wake up! i gotta get to work!" then she handed me the phone and i was like eff off, im sleeping. ahha. but i got up any way, had some ice tea and went to my grandmas. woop. yea, right, its like 5 million hours away aka 2. it was long, i was like sleeping all over the place. but it was pretty fun, i mean whats better than your grandma's cookin?
but yea, saturday was pretty sweet minus the hole day part. and dont shun me, i know i said i would quit, but when do i actually follow anything i say, besides i only do it ocasionally now any way? but any way we saw matt trehan and chase,it was sweet. ahah, cuz we were like just talking about him, so woop. and yes, justin you sound so much like matt, dont doubt it, *pal*. thats right, i invented a new abreviation, which means *point and laugh* aka *pal*, use it, and use it well.

so yep, i need some sleep, cuz im sick, for real this time, which sucks. then i think im gunna write a song, then finish my homework(maybe), then wallow in sorrow in the fact that i cant hang out with any one tonight..then ill bake a cake and eat it.


ps. i probably wont bake a cake, but ill eat it.
pps. i heart you james, stay strong, he wants to eff you, hes just too nervous. heart?
ppps.sex pistols
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After Noon Delight.. [Jan. 6th, 2005|08:46 pm]
[Current Mood |dorky]
[Current Music |if i had a million dollars-barenaked ladies..haha]

so yea...today was pretty fun. except for art, as always effin mrs found is retarded. but yea....crispers are good...

um so, my parents are watching desperate housewives...woot! ahaha, i thought i was a loser.

i wanna watch grind and hang out with james. lol i hear you man. and just ask trevor if he wants to eff you. he'll go for it. ahha.
um...i hope your lesbian mice dont get caught in the mouse trap..haha...awe...meat. lol

so my tooth hurts like a little mofo it is. and um i want my trycicle back.
peace out. im gunna work on my finger breakdancing skills, what.

love as always,

"um, its called not being a woosey." -josh attrige aka tylers friend aka my brother's friend
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kumbaya my lord... [Jan. 5th, 2005|08:10 pm]
[Current Mood |happy,and super happy]
[Current Music |rock and roll all nite and keep on rockin' in the free world]

so yea...whast up all?
im sitting here bored again cuz no one can do anything, and those who can were "sick" today and are still supposed to be "sick". haha

im watching the collector right now and its the shit. i love this show. if you havent seen it watch it, go now. oh wait! kaits forcing me to watch much takeover cuz he cousins on it. ahha so im watching that now too. lol.

so kait, i know who hamberger head is now, and i have to say ewey. ahha hes like pure ugly. sorry, but its sad but true.

well i just have to say ive never been happier in my life except for when i got back stage at billy talent *sving* ahaha...and i dont even know why im happy. all these people are saying that they like me cuz im "the cute little blond girl with sweet frekles and dimples" ahha woot! i dont even get whats cool about my freakles...they're gay. but ya, ahha. woops i was suposed to have a hair appintment toinght but totally forgot

so i just got new shose, my mom got them and their like pure retarded. their like some kinda shoes that kelly clarkson was brodcasting. i dunnt know. but i have to wear them cuz my chucks are like pureley totalled. they have like duct tape in ever correr aka all over the loft. im wating for the cool vans checkered shoes(which ive been wating for forever) cuz their sweet *sving* and yea, so these red fugly shoes are 'temorary'. so right now im thinking of cool lyrics to write on them. so that they are coolified for the time being.

man my back herts, it sucks. i need a job and a life.
and s friend that can actually hang out instead of me being on gay msn all night. well im going to go watch waynes world for the 10th bagillianith time...then im going to watch
DETROIT ROCK CITY..for the 900th bagiillianth time...and party every day!


ps.happyiest ive ever been:D(besides that one time, and i dont know why
pps. i like lucky charms.
ppps. dans my little brother, even tho hes older than me, ahha, hes still little, and hes still my brother
pppps. i wanna do bambi, and billy talent, and a lotta people, but theres not enoughh room for their names
ppppps. what the hell does ps mean and how many can you make?

"oh you poor blind fat woman" -Ray Romano
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shi-ca-ca [Jan. 4th, 2005|07:03 pm]
[Current Mood |nervousnervous]
[Current Music |HIM- right here in my arms & pretty vancant-sex pistols]

im just watching some national geographic with my dad. ahha i know, im cool. lol. its abuot crocodilles, its cool, ok.

i just home from school at like 6.15 and its gay. i had to work on my clay face thing. blah. but it looks cool so far, its gene simmons. woot!

my tooth herts and i dont know why, i hope that i dont have a cavity, cuz that would suck. um hmm what else is new? well...im broke, and im bored. nope...nothing new. haha.

man i just foud out that my friend lives with one of the legend killers! wooooot. and they're playing in her basement right now! woo im excited. hahe.

well im gunna go and make some calls, get someone to come down here and be bored with me. later dayz.


"i hate all music"-johnny rotten.
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life smells... [Jan. 2nd, 2005|07:17 pm]
[Current Mood |blahblah]
[Current Music |white stirpes-i jsut dont know what to do with myself]

holey moley...my parents are like lauging so hard. its like the funiest thing i have ever seen! haha

so today i just worked on my isp and listened to music. i have to draw johnny rotten and its so hard!

my brother found this thing that is the most annoying thing ever. you like hook up all these wires and they make all these differnt noises. like him alone makes enough noises, haha its so annoying!

any way im going to go watch anchorman for the thouseandith time...and then be bored and wallow in sorrow. :'(

love? kylie.
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